Silke Sterck wrote on

I ordered another dress as I was told to in the e-mail correspondence, but I want this dress instead. This because I get an error when I try to fill out the measurements and this never makes it to “quoted”.

Silke Sterck wrote on

Bust: 99cm; Waist 83cm; Hip: 104 cm; Neck: 35cm; Biceps: 33cm; Armhole: 39cm; Torso:167cm; Shoulder width:36cm; Center to bust: 28cm; Sleeve:50cm; wrist:16cm; center shoulder to waist: 46cm; dress length:132cm; Top hip:90cm; Heigt:160cm; Shoulder to back:35 cm

Christel Kranz wrote on

Das gelieferte Kleid ist einfach großartig! Es sitzt perfekt und ist noch schöner als auf dem Foto. Die Fransen sind nicht nur Bänder, sondern noch zusätzlich mit grünen Röhren-Glasperlen besetzt. Es funkelt schön und hat eine tolle Bewegung, wenn man Drehungen macht. Auch qualitativ ist das Kleid gut verarbeitet. Es wird definitiv nicht das letzte Kleid sein, was ich bei bestellt habe! Ich bin sehr glücklich.

Randi Collins wrote on

I’ve ordered several dresses from Dance Dress Shop. This is my 6th or 7th dress from this company. Basically I have been pleased with the quality of the work and fabric. However, I just received a dress today and was totally disappointed with it. The fabric and the workmanship is poor and not worth the money I paid for it. The lower portion of the dress was not made of the same lycra performance quality as the top of the dress.. In fact the lower portion is made from a thin taffeta quality…something used as a lining. In addition, the floral applique has a ragged edge and I will have to do some hand sewing in order to hold the pieces down. The flower applique on the hip does not resemble a flower and looks more like cut out pieces attached to the dress without symmetry. Although, it is stated that the company will respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours, this is not the case. I have emailed several times and did not hear from them. I am not a happy person right now.

Karen Alex wrote on

I bought this dress for a waltz solo that included my son. It was elegant without being too extreme for dancing with an 11 year old. The dressed moved beautifully while I danced, it fit like a glove (other than the sleeves being slightly long) and I received many compliments it. Thanks for adding to the beauty of the dance.